Chrome qarbo

Sleek and polished.
The classic choice.

Dark Bronze qarbo

Classy and understated.
For the elegant touch.

Matte Black qarbo

For any modern kitchen.
Total stealth.

Metallic Red qarbo

For those with a zest for life.
Those with get-up-and-go.

How to Sparkle Anything

Any high-school chemistry student will tell you that dissolving flavours in cold, carbonated water isn't the best way to do it. Which accounts for the poor results of traditional sparkling water and soda makers.


qarbo at home

The perfect kitchen bench top sparkling soda maker. It's sleek, low footprint design enhances any kitchen decor and style.

It also sparkles ANYTHING. From fruit infusions, to syrups and cordials. You simple mix it up in the botlle and fizz it!

Not only perfect for healthy, low-sugar drinks - your qarbo can also make yummy cocktails and mocktails.


Why qarbo?

Pronounced [kar-bo]

Single-use plastic bottles are a major waste product and cause of environmental harm. Eliminate single-use plastic bottles with the first sparkling soda water maker that can infuse any fruit and flavours in one-go.

This means never having to buy carbonated drinks in single-use containers ever again.

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