Troubleshooting guide. Why is my qarbo not giving me enough bubbles?

Does your fizzy water taste flat? Is the carbonation level anemic?

If you're like Yahoo Serious in search of more bubbles, you're not alone. Yep. That qarbo machine you've got on your kitchen benchtop is a serious bit of kit. A marvel of modern, mass-production and precision engineering.

As you know, gasses love to escape from anything less than a perfect seal and to get that perfect seal, your qarbo sparkling soda water maker is made with some pretty tight tolerances. Mainly in the injector head.

That screw-thready bit where the gas cylinder (or cartridge, our Yankee friends) screws into the injector head is where 95% of the issues with insufficient carbonation happen.

That cylinder needs to screwed on TIGHT. As tight as it will go (by hand, of course). In most cases, even half a turn will make all the difference.

It's got all the tips and tricks to get the best out of your shiny, new kitchen marvel.