qarbo sparkling water maker and fruit infuser with qarbo*gas bundle

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You’ll never go back to plastic-bottled, sparkling drinks again!

qarbo is the innovative sparkling water maker and fruit infuser that will literally revolutionise the way you consume sparkling beverages.

More than just a soda water maker - More than just a soda maker, with qarbo you can create sensationally flavoursome, healthy sparkling beverages by infusing the flavour of anything you put into the bottle through the magic of the carbonation process.

Built for beauty and function - Forget the traditional soda makers, which only allow you to carbonate water. With an eye for design and quality, qarbo is designed to complement and enhance the most refined kitchen spaces. Backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty, qarbo is designed to last.

Practical and convenient - qarbo doesn’t require any power, so is completely portable and can be placed anywhere. 

Available in four finishes; Bronze or Chrome (electroplated), Metallic Red, and Matte Black.

Use less plastic, make your drinks healthier and consume less sugar!


  • 1 x Sparkling Water Machine
  • 1 x Aircharge Cap
  • 2 x storage caps
  • 2 x 1L Bottles
  • 2 x qarbo*gas CO2 cylinders (refillable via our home delivered exchange program)

Dimensions: 406 (H) x 152 (D) x 76 (W) mm

Saving the planet has never tasted so good.